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Book - Marcus - My Life in Haiti

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Meet Marcus! He's in Kindergarten! He's a happy boy!

  • Meet Marcus and his family!
  • Look at pictures of his classroom, teacher & friends at the Apparent Project school. See what he learns in kindergaraten.
  • Find out what he likes to do at home & at school.

Learn what it is like to live in Haiti!  Where is Haiti?

  • Do you know there are beautiful flowers, mountains & beaches?
  • Where do people shop? What are their stores like? 
  • What kind of transportation do they have?
  • What are their houses like? What is Marcus' home like? 

Book cover, with first & last pages shown.  8.5" by 11" wide

  • 20 pages with lots of pictures showing life in Haiti.
  • Some basic Haitian Kreyol vocabulary included!

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